Our Services

Equity Trading

We offer equity & equity derivatives trading through NSE & BSE. Equity markets provides a range of diversified investment/trading opportunities for individual's risk and return. It is probably the best investment choice for long term wealth creation. So begin Equity & F&O trading through us.

Commodity Trading

Indian markets have recently thrown open a new avenue for retail investors and traders to participate: commodity derivatives. For those who want to diversify their portfolios beyond shares, bonds and real estate, commodities are the best option.

Commodities are more than what you think they are. Almost everything you see around is made of what market considers commodity. It could be any kind of movable property, except actionable claims, money and securities. Commodity trade forms the backbone of world economy.

Commodities offer immense potential to become a separate asset class for market-savvy investors, arbitrageurs and speculators and are easy to understand as far as fundamentals of demand and supply are concerned.

Depository Services

Adwealth offering a multitude of services under one roof also includes unparalleled Depository Services. Adwealth Stock Boking Pvt. Ltd. is a registered member / Depository Participant of both CDSL (Central Depository Services Ltd.) and NSDL (National Securities Depository Ltd.), thus giving you the option to not only choose your depository services but also the opportunity of trading at one place.

It is our commitment to design the best investment alternatives and products for you! And as one of the top Depository Participant's, we offer you the most secure, convenient and hassle-free DEMAT Accounts at the most economical rates.