Refund and Cancellation Policy

Adwealth Stock Broking Private Limited assures support and satisfaction in all its endeavors. We have developed the most suitable platform for our customers; and the easiest way to access this trading platform is by opening a Trading and Demat Account with us at the minimal cost. However in case if you have paid any additional payment towards account opening charges, Adwealth Stock Broking Private Limited shall provide you refund only for such additional / excess payment made to us during application of your Trading and Demat Account. You may place a refund request with our support team at within 7 days along with the payment details like the Card / Bank Account Number, Transaction Number, etc. No refund of account opening charges shall be made once the Trading and Demat account is opened with us. Once your Trading and Demat account is opened any payments made thereafter will be credited towards your account and there shall be no refunds. To withdraw any amount from such account you may place withdrawal request through the App or the Web.

Cancellation / Termination Policy

Opening a Trading and Demat account with us takes approximately 24 hours. You may place the cancellation request with our support team at, within 12 hours of the submission of your application with us. On receipt of the cancellation request, the account opening shall not be proceeded with.